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Welcome to the HBF Landshop, this site is dedicated to selling land.

This site was developed to help our members buy and sell land with the drive to build the homes our country desperately needs and as part of our Statement of Intent announced in May 2016:

“Both the government and the HBF are committed to increasing the number of smaller builders and the number of homes they build, and supporting specialist house builders, including those delivering retirement housing. The government has taken measures to help smaller builders through financial support and a planning package that makes getting permission to build on smaller sites quicker, more certain and less costly.

HBF and its members recognise that they have an important role to play to support smaller builders. A key barrier to smaller builders is access to developable sites. Accordingly, the HBF will set up a Land Exchange service which will enable house builders to advertise or purchase sites, including phases of large sites.″

Please go to the HBF website for more information.

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